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The financial burden of HAI's

In addition to having a significant negative impact on human health, HAIs are highly costly for both society and medical institutions. Additional hospital stays in the United States are expected to cost the provider $10 billion, but when other considerations are taken into account, the total cost to society approaches $200 billion. Increased patient stays and resource utilization (blood tests, imaging, antibiotic administration) are costs to the hospital. However, these expenditures can increase dramatically when patients need to stay in the hospital for noticeably longer periods of time as a result of the consequences of multi-drug resistant bacteria. Estimated additional hospital days per patient:

The incremental costs for a patient with multiple frequent HAIs compared to patients without HAIs are highlighted below:

  • CAUTI $1,000 - Extra per patient

  • CDI $11,000 - Extra per patient

  • SSI $20,800 - Extra per patient

  • VAP $40,000 - Extra per patient

  • CLABSI $45,800 - Extra per patient

The number of additional days that patients with HAI are typically hospitalized are highlighted below:

  • CDI - 3.3 extra days

  • CLABSI - 10.4 extra days

  • SSI - 11.2 extra days

  • VAP - 13.1 extra days

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